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Warranty - e-store Fripers.pl

All goods purchasedin the storeFripers.plare covered bymanufactureror distributor warranty.
Informationabout warranty periodis in description of each productin our store(next toinformationabout the price andavailability), andin the warranty included to the product.

The warranty terms and conditions are described in Productwarranty document.Complaintsbased onthe manufacturer's warrantymust be made onspecifiedguarantee document and sent to authorized service.

The Fripers.plcan mediatein warranty complain. For make warranty complaint in our store,it is recommend tofill up theComplaint Formandsend it attached to productto our address:

ul. Pomorska 41
90-203 Łódź

We will inform you about next step in 14days of receiving by us your complaint application.


Fill up complain formPack up equipment wellSend to us equipment with attached complain form and bill.Wait for response from our service
(up to 14 days)
The Fripers.pl has its ownservice, whichin consultationwith selectedproducers and withtheir approvalcarry out allwarranty and post-warranty repairs whose do notrequire manufacturer intervention.Moreinformationcan be found in Service section.