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TOTAL COST AND SHIPMENT METHOD depends on dimmensions and weight of ordered goods. All available shipments methods and total cost for a particular order will be visible in your cart in finalise order step.
INFORMATIONS ABOUT SHIPMENT METHOD and number of shipping list you will get by e-mail.
Standard domestic packages
 Shipment methodDimmensionsPrice 
 Self pickup-0 zł 
 Poczta Polska (Polish Post Office)   
 to 10 kg13 zł 
 10 to 20 kg30 zł 
 20 to 50 kg50 zł 
(DPD, Inpost, Fedex)
to 30 kg22 zł 
 30 to 125 kg90 zł* 
 Paczkomaty Inpostmax. 41 x 38 x 64 cm13 zł 
*Costs of unusual dimensional package.
Cash On Delivery
It is possible to pay for order on delivery (Post Office/Courier).
The shipment cost will be increased by 6zł in case of Courier and 2zł in case of Post Office.
Large-size domestic shipments.
Packages with one dimmension longer than 130cm.
 Shipment methodLength to 1,6mto 2,8 mCost 
 Courier1-4 pcs1-4 pcs29 zł / 49zł 
 5-8pcs5-8 pcs58 zł / 98zł 
 9-12 pcs9-12 pcs87 zł / 147zł 
Packages with one dimmension longer than 28cm.
 Shipment methodPrice 
 Courier100 zł 
Colorama backgrounds shipment cost.
 Shipment methodUp to 2,2 mUp to 2,8 mMore than 2,8 m 
 Courier36 zł60 zł140 zł 

Shipment costs outside Poland are determined individually after placing the order. For more info, contact our sales department (42) 239 41 77.