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UV Filter B+W MRC NANO XS-PRO 55mm

Product code:  APF-BW-MRC55UVNA | EAN:  4012240008865
Producer: B+W

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16 odpornych na zarysowania powłok odbijających

Powłoka odpychająca wodę
Średnica: 55 mm

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Filtr B+W UV MRC 55mm


UV (ultraviolet) filter absorbs ultraviolet radiation, which often makes photos foggy and blurred. It is especially visible in the mountains. The filter does not cause loss of light, so is recommended to protect the lens for digital and analog. It protects the optics from scratches, dust, fingerprints, etc.

MRC Coating - The high hardness of the MRC coated filters B+W makes them more resistant to mechanical damage. A new type of coating ensures the highest optical quality, maximum reduction of reflection and cleaning filters make more easy.

Fusion of two legendary companies - B+W and Schneider - leads to create the highest quality photographic filters , meeting the expectations of advanced amateurs and - above all - the most demanding professionals. As the photographic filter at the time of installation becomes part of the optical lens system, its quality has a huge impact on the final effect.

Highest class 16-layers coating MRC UV XS-PRO filter with nano coating and excellent light transmission. Ideal for wide-angle lenses. Has thin brass frame. Resistant to moisture, dust, dirt and scratches. Simple and quick to clean.

Nano coating is the most outer layer, exists as a standard in all XS-Pro Digital MRC filters. Application of nanotechnology for outer layer of protective filters gives a much smaller surface adhesion of water and steam. Cleaning the filter is easier and faster than ever before. Nano MRC has improved eighth, outer layer.

Filters of MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating) series are anti-reflect multilayer coated. It increases throughput of optical glass used in filters. At the same time the coating protects the filter from damage (they are harder than glass) - MRC coated filters can be used safely in difficult weather conditions, they can also be cleaned with a soft cloth without fear of damage.

These filters are characterized by their extremely high resistant for water, dust, dirt and scratches. Both sides of the filter are coated by anti-reflect layers system (MRC) based on metal oxides, so the glass guarantees the absolute neutrality of the color, and ensures 100% accurate of color reproduction. Detailed quality control guarantees guarantees the highest optical quality and maximum reduction of reflections.

XS-PRO DIGITAL Filters frames are made of brass. Brass is a material more durable than aluminum, is also resistant to temperature changes, so frames do not jam in the heat and cold. Filters in the those frames can be used with wide-angle lenses, from 17mm (for 35mm frame) with no problem of vignetting. The 3mm thick frame. It has a front thread.

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