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Speedlight YongNuo YN-560III v2018 with RF602 and RF603 receiver

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Producer: Yongnuo

guide number (GN): 58

zoom: 24 - 105 mm

recharge time: up to 3s

flash output adjusting: 1/128 - 1/1

work modes: Manual, S1, S2 (omiting preflashes), Slave (RX), MULTI (stroboscopic)

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YN-560 III speedlight with built-in radio receiver. Compatible with RF-602 and RF-603. Guide number 58 for ISO100.

The flash has built-in radio receiver compatible with RF-602 and RF-603 transmitters. Owing to it Yn560 III can be triggered wireless from distance up to 100m, regardless to any obstacles between camera and flashes.

Designed for fast and convenient manual control. The Yongnuo YN-560 III camera flash allows to take photos in extreme light conditions, even from long distance. Perfect as slave light unit. The flash head can be rotated in two axis what allows reflecting the light from surfaces like walls, ceiling, etc. It also has zoom, an in-built photocell, radio receiver, reflecting and diffusing boards, metal shoe, PC socket and socket for external battery pack.

The YN560 III flash has been designed for photographers who appreciate quality and comfort of use. The large and readable LCD display shows all important flash parameters and makes controlling them easier. New functions improve device's versatility. The zoom can change the light's focus from 24 to 105mm. High guide number (GN58 for ISO100, 105mm) is comparable with brand camera flashes.

The YN-560 III has built-in photocell so in the S1 mode can be triggered by other flash. In S2 mode flash omits preflashes of master lamps. In RX mode YN-560 III is triggered by RF-602 or RF-603 transmitter mounted on camera.

The camera flash also features the MULTI work mode. In this mode flash emitting series of short flashes. It can be used to take a few shots of a moving object in single frame. Power of flashes, quantity and frequency can be set by user.

The flash has also sound prompting system what informs about flash status changes.

On side of the flash there is socket for external battery pack, owing to is the flash is recharged much faster.

PC socket allows to synchronize flash with the camera using a sync cord.

While working with ordinary rechargeable or standard batteries, the flash needs 3 seconds to fully recycle. Even if batteries are exhausted it does not take longer than 5 seconds. The lamp has also slot for attach CP-E3 or CP-E4 type battery pack. Using a battery pack makes the flash fully recharge time about 30% faster and, what is more important, it allows to make photos faster in serie mode. Without battery pack flashes limit in the series mode is 5, but when you use it, the limit rises to 18.

In comparision to previous models, the power saving function has been modified. This makes the camera flash turn off faster when it is not used.

The power control can be gradually reduced up to 1/128. Each of the power levels can be also adjusted within the next 8 steps.

For Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Olympus DSLRs.

Compatible with Sony/Minolta with adapter available in our store.



  • guide number (GN): 58
  • zoom: 24 - 105 mm
  • flash duration time: 1/200 s - 1/20 000 s
  • recharge time: up to 3s
  • flash output adjusting: 1/128 - 1/1
  • colour temperature: 5600K
  • work modes: Manual, S1, S2 (omiting preflashes), Slave (RX), MULTI (stroboscopic)
  • second curtain synchronization
  • compatible with RF-602 and RF-603 (I,II) wireless triggers
  • base frequency: 2.4GHz
  • 16 channels, 3 groups
  • supports full frame and APS-C cameras
  • flash head rotating: vertical: -7° to 90°; horizontal: 0° to 270°
  • built in diffuser and deflector
  • PC socket, battery pack socket
  • auto sleep mode: 3 min.
  • auto power off: 30 min in manual mode, 60 min in photocell triggering mode
  • beeper
  • power supply: 4 x AA/R6 battery or Ni-MH battery; battery pack
  • flash number: 100-1500, on new AA bateries
  • wireless work range: to 100m (radio); 10-15m (optical)
  • dimmensions: 60 x 190 x 78 mm
  • Weight: 350g (without batteries)
  • metal hot shoe

Attention. This product will not work with cameras without a central pin in the hot shoe slot (eg Canon EOS 2000D, 3000D, 4000D).


Liczba przewodnia58
Regulacja energii błysku1/1- 1/128 co 1/3EV
Temperatura barwowa5600K
Czas trwania błysku1/800s - 1/20000s
Czas ładowaniado 3s
Tryb pracy M, MULTI
Synchronizacja HSS / AutoFPNIE
Synchronizacja na pierwszą kurtynęTAK
Synchronizacja na drugą kurtynęTAK
Złącze PCTAK
Komunikacja Radiowa - wbud. odbiornikTAK - YN560 (RF603, RF605, 560TX)
Ilość kanałów komunikacji radiowej16
Komunikacja optyczna - fotocelaS1, S2,
Tryb MasterNIE
Tryb SlaveTAK - YN560 (RF603, RF605, 560TX)
Praca w grupachTAK
Ilość grup6
Zdalne sterownie parametrami lampyTAK
Zoom palnika24-105mm
Tryby pracy palnikaManualny
Regulacja głowicy pozioma0° do 270°
Regulacja głowicy pionowa-7° do 90°
Oświetlenie LEDNIE
Zasilanie4 x AA (baterie alkaliczne lub akumulatory typu R6/AA Ni-MH)
Złącze zasilania zewnętrznegoTAK
Złącze USB – aktualizacja softuTAK - Micro USB
Zabezpieczenie termiczneTAK
Wymiary wys/szer/gł.60x190x78 mm
Waga350 g

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