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Product photo kit FreePower Free 3 x SDW45M

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Producer: Freepower

PROMO! -7.00

light table 60 x 130 cm

8 x clip

3 x SDW45M flash bulb 45Ws (E27 mount)

3 x synchro cable 2m

3 x E27 socket

2 x light stand 205cm

2 x 90cm white umbrella

Goods in stock, ready to send in 24hWarranty 2 years
14 days for return
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Product Photo Kit
1 x photo table 60x130cm
3 x 45Ws flash bulb


This kit can be useful in commercial and product photography. It is also a key to promote your internet auctions with excellent quality pictures! You don't need much room or a professional photography studio anymore - your own home is enough. Assembling does not take more than 20 minutes and you will have your goods perfectly illuminated and all the unwanted shadows got rid of!

The kit includes:

  • 60x130cm photo table
  • 3 x SDW45M 45Ws flash bulb with E27 base
  • 3 x E27 bulb AC socket
  • 2 x 205cm light stand
  • 2 x 9cm transparent white umbrella
  • 45cm x 200cm white reflecting surface

The table features:

  • tilted rear part adjusted with two easy blocking clips
  • entirely metal frame construction
  • a case included
  • quick assembly and disassembly
  • universal studio strobes bracket with 1/4" thread
  • additional light units can be attached to all the horizontal bars
  • the table surface is made of a very effective light diffusing material - a light unit UNDER it will remove the shadows
  • the metal and synthetic parts are made neatly
  • all the construction is light but solid
  • metal clamps firmly hold the construction parts together


The purpose of the flash bulb is to improve the scene's illumination. It can be used with an umbrella. It is a great light source in portrait photography, packshot or other commercial photography.The SDW45 flash bulb has a standard E27 bulb base so it can be put into any standard socket. This makes it very flexible in use.

It can be triggered in three ways:

  • manually - with a button on the back
  • syncroflash - the flash is synchronized with the built-in photocell
  • with a sync cord connected to the camera - 9V voltage is safe even for compact cameras!

The flash bulb has two indicating diodes:

  • green - power
  • red - flash readiness

The sync socket has 3,5 mm diameter (the "mini-jack")



AC socket with the on/off switch

One E27 base bulb can be inserted. This base is applied in ordinary house light units as well as in SDW45M, JH-3200 i JH-6800 slave flash bulbs (all available in our store). 

The socket is made neatly of a high quality material!


  • light stand mount
  • umbrella bracket
  • on/off switch

The light stand has a sectional column. The legs are blocked with a wing screw. On the top there is a universal mount for different kinds of lightning.

  • capacity - about 2,5 kg
  • max height - about 220 cm
  • min length - about 70 cm
  • weight - about 1 kg
The white umbrella is made of special fabric which diffuses light very well. It works just like clouds in the sky! Compare photos taken in the direct sunlight to these taken when it was cloudy. Direct sunlight causes extreme contrasts and harsh shadows so the faces look grotesque. Clouds diffuse and soften the sunlight so the details are more visible and the picture looks better. The umbrella has a similar role to the clouds - it diffuses and softens the strong flash light.
Guide number26
Power3 x 45Ws
Power adjustingbrak
Recharge time< 5 s.
Colour temperature5600 ± 200K
Charge indicatordioda
Przewód synchro / fotocela / przycisk test
Dimmensions7,6 x 13,5 cm
Weight170 g

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