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Neutral Density Gray Filter Massa ND4 49mm

Product code:  APF-FP-ND449
Producer: Massa

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Filtr szary neutralny
Średnica: 49mm

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Gray Filter - Neutral-Density.
The ND filters evenly limit the amount of light passing through the lens without affecting the colors. They perfectly reduce the bright light in large aperture situations when a shallow depth of field is needed. Allows the slower shutter speeds when blurring or showing the movement is desired.
Allows balancing the exposure to highlight a key subject.

Filtr Massa ND4 fripers

Examples of use:

  • Blurring water motion (e.g. waterfalls, rivers, oceans)
  • Reducing depth of field in very bright light (e.g. daylight)
  • When using a flash on a camera with a focal-plane shutter, exposure time is limited to the maximum speed -often 1/250th of a second, at best- at which the entire film or sensor is exposed to light at one instant. Without an ND filter this can result in the need to use f8 or higher
  • Using a wider aperture to stay below the diffraction limit
  • Reduce the visibility of moving objects
  • Add motion blur to subjects

This filter is equipped with two threads that allow to attach another filter or a lens cap.

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