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Product description

LCD cover GGS III generation
 for Nikon D600

Oryginal LCD cover GGS, III generation.

LCD cover made from 6-layered tempered glass. It protects LCD display aganist damages, scratches, and dust. High clarity get owing to using high quality multilayered (antireflect, UV, strenghten) glass the cover does not worsen visibility of display. In respect of durability and clearity this cover significantly surpass protect foils and plastic covers.

Montage of the cover on camera is very easy - it is just slip in eyecup slides on backside of camera. It does not need glue, does not damage LCD display and does not left any glue remains.


  • protects LCD aganist damages, scratches and dust (it is lined with velour inside)
  • does not make worst visibility of LCD display
  • color of frames made from ABS plastic are match well to camera body
  • cover thickness is only 0,5mm,
  • mounting/unmounting is very easy, does not need glue
  • does not left any glue remains, does not damage LCD screen
  • good price - high quality
  • dimmensions: 110x65x3mm (height x width x depth)
  • weight 12g

The cover fits to: Nikon D600

Technical data
Dimmensions57 x 71 mm
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LCD cover
GGS III generation for Nikon D600, D610
Product code: APOL-GG-G3ND600
Availability: ready to send in 24h / Warranty: 2 years

Nikon D600

Wymiary: 57 x 71 mm,

23 x 41 mm

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