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CFL Bulb FreePower 125W Colour temperature 5500K

Product code:  WSOC-FP-125E27
Producer: Freepower

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power: 125W
colour temperature: 5500 K
thread: E27

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Fluorescent Spiral Bulb - continuous lighting - 125W(600W)
5500° K

The continuous light is a perfect solution for video filming and digital photography. It can be used with virtually every camera, because it illuminates all the time - no sychronization is necessary!

The 125W fluorescent bulb is equivalent to a traditional 600W tungsten. It is a low-cost solution for a home budget studio. The color temperature is 5500°K. It is a cool shade, similar to cloudy sky light. Such light means perfect color tone in the photo. It can be additionally diffused with an umbrella.

The bulb has a standard E27 screw base so it can be inserted into any available standard socket.

Another great advantage of such lighting is the low temperature - there is no heating problem. Fluorescent lamps can be used even in a small room.



To ensure the color balance and saturation is correct, proper light units should be used. The photographed subjects have their natural, unadulterated colors then. The "Ra" indicator maximum value is 100. It indicates the lighting's capability of presenting the subjects' true colors.

In product photo, it is recommended to use lighting with "Ra" 80 or above. The color temperature should be at least 5000°K. As visible in the diagram below, such lighting is the most appropriate. It should also be remembered that camera settings and surrounding colors also have influence on the pictures' tone.

kolor i barwa dla fotografii od Fripers


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Dane techniczne
Moc125W = 600W
Kod barwy855
Temperatura barwowa5500K
Współczynnik odwzorowania barw80 ± 2 Ra
Klasa energetycznaA
Rodzaj gwintuE27

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this part of item description -Moc: 125W = 600 W is not true,
the lamp is consuming only 45W and doesnt produce light equivalent to 600W, but probably max to 200w not satisfied at all

We're sorry to hear about this situation. It is possible that the bulb, which you received is damaged or has a manufacturing defect. If the bulb does not match the description in the store, you can return it. In this situation, we will refund all costs. We will make every effort to ensure that such a situation does not recur in the future.

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