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Flash lighting kit BASICPOWER with Jinbei DM series lamp

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Producer: Freepower

Flash light set with a Jinbei lamp from a refreshed DM series. In addition to a studio lamp with a power of 400 Ws, the set includes a 50 x 70 softbox with a grid, a light stand with a maximum height of 250 cm and a TRV6 radio trigger.

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Flash light set with a Jinbei lamp from a refreshed DM series. In addition to a studio lamp with a power of 400 Ws, the set includes a 50 x 70 softbox with a grid, a light stand with a maximum height of 250 cm and a TRV6 radio trigger.


The source of light in the set is a professional flash lamp DM4 with 400Ws flash energy and the guide number 66. The most important features of the lamp: compact sizes; built-in trigger receiver TRV6 / TR-Q6 / TR-611 / TR-612 / TRS-V / TR-A9 / TR-A6; flash regulation in the 1/1 to 1/64 power range with 1/10 aperture, 10W LED modeling light. The lamp is equipped with Bowens accessories.


In the set with the lamp there is a rectangular softbox with Bowens mount, 50 x 70 cm. The modifier has two diffusers, thanks to which it will achieve even and diffused lighting. The grid included in the set allows for obtaining a strong, directed stream of light. After putting it on, you'll get the effect of lighting only one part of the frame with smoothly flowing edges. The softbox uses a quick assembly system, resembling that of standard umbrellas. This design allows for instant spreading and assembly of the modifier with only two movements. Such a solution makes it possible to transport softboxes or store them freely - especially in smaller studios.


The basis for the lamp with a softbox is a very solid and stable lighting stand with a high lifting capacity - 10 kg and with a standard fixing on a 16 mm spindle. Inside the segments there are spring shock absorbers protecting the attached equipment against damage caused by accidental column folding. The range of work of the tripod is 106 - 250 cm.


The last element of the set is the trigger of the Jinbei TRV6 trigger. The trigger allows you to control the flash output, turn on the pilot light and the audible signal. There are 16 transmission channels and 10 groups available. The trigger communicates with the camera via a standard hot shoe with one pin, so it can work with all cameras equipped with a standard lamp socket (eg Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fuji). Devices with a different socket, such as the Sony Minolta standard, can be connected using a suitable adapter. The device will allow you to control Jinbei lamps from the series DM, DPIII, DPLpro, MSN, PILOT, HD-600V, MSN III, MSN-TTL, HD-601, HD-610, MARS-3.


Main features:

  • A studio flash with compact dimensions and a wide range of power regulation with a built-in TRV6 receiver.
  • TRV6 transmitter allowing for cooperation with the majority of Jinbei brand lamps available on the market.
  • Solid lighting stand with height adjustment range 106 - 250cm.
  • Complete softbox with grid.

Kit includes:

  • Jinbei DM4 Studio Flash Lamp
  • 250 cm Light Stand
  • 50 x 70 cm Rectangle Softbox with grid
  • Jinbei TRV6 wireless radio trigger

Jinbei DM4Specs:

  • guide number: GN 66
  • flash output: 400Ws
  • flash output adjusting range: 1/1 to 1/64 with step 1/10
  • recharge time - 0,05 ~ 0,9s
  • work mode: M - manual
  • flash duration time: 1/800 - 1/2200s
  • colour temperature: 5500 +/- 200K
  • modelling lamp: 10W LED
  • trigger: 2,4GHz
  • channels: 0 - 15; groups: 0/A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I
  • built in photocell
  • beeper
  • synchro socket: mini jack 3,5mm
  • synchro voltage: 5V
  • overheat protection system
  • power supply: 90 - 265V, 50-60Hz, fuse 10A
  • weight: 1,59kg
  • dimmensions: 270 x 130 x 195mm
  • easy to use, readable control panel
  • modelling lamp modes: ABEI, 100%, OFF
  • triggering methods: built in receiver 2,4GHz, photocell, synchro socket, TEST button
  • Bowens mount


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