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Flash lighting kit ARTPOWER with Jinbei MSNIII series lamp

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Producer: Freepower

Creative set of flash lighting with a powerful Jinbei MSN III 800 lamp. In addition to the lamp included in the set includes a foldable Beauty Dish with a diameter of 80 cm, a tripod with a maximum height of 250 cm and a TR-Q6 radio trigger.

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Creative set of flash lighting with a powerful Jinbei MSN III 800 lamp. In addition to the lamp included in the set includes a foldable Beauty Dish with a diameter of 80 cm, a light stand with a maximum height of 250 cm and a TR-Q6 radio trigger in four variants of hot shoe attachments. The high performance of the lamp combined with the modulter's versatility will make this set useful in many situations in the studio both when shooting models and when making packshots.


The source of light in the set is a professional, efficient Jinbei MSN III lamp with 800Ws flash and 90 guide number. The most important features of the lamp include: HSS mode, flash control from 1/1 to 1/256 and very stable operation at color temperature. Three new modes are an unquestionable plus:

  • Freeze - with very short flash time duration
  • Easy Cap - it helps to make mask for cutout object from background in graphics software (this function needs at least 2 lamps with Easy Cap function)

  • Delay - for delay flash in regard to shutter, in range 0-30s. In case of working with Canon cameras (some models) it is possible to flash in continuous shooting mode.

The lamp is equipped with an energy-saving LED matrix with a power of 25W, which replaces the classic modeling light with halogen bulbs. It also has a built-in 2.4GHz trigger receiver, compatible with TR-6Q, TR-611/612, TR-A6, TR-V6, TRS-V triggers.


Included with the lamp is a high-quality foldable reflector BD Jinbei Beauty Dish - 80 cm with a white reflective layer. In contrast to rigid and heavy counterparts, definitely more convenient in transport and assembly. Thanks to the folding construction, ideal for outgoing sessions. In a set with a beauty dishem deflector, diffuser fastened with Velcro, and a cover for all elements of the set. The beauty dish mounted on the lamp allows you to properly reflect and direct the flash light. After putting the beauty dish on the lamp, the burner is covered by the central deflector, which results in a more even light beam than when using ordinary softboxes. Perfect for portrait photography and all types of glamor sessions. The nature of the light can be modified by reverse mounting the deflector, and by adding an additional diffuser. Our tests show that the deflector mounted with a convex side to the center of the canopy allows to standardize the lamp's light, making it really soft. The reverse assembly emphasizes the central part of the frame more strongly.


The basis for the lamp with a foldable reflector is a very solid and stable lighting stand with a high lifting capacity - 10 kg and with a standard fixing on a 16 mm spindle. Inside the segments there are spring shock absorbers protecting the attached equipment against damage caused by accidental column folding. The range of work of the tripod is 106 - 250 cm.


The last element of the set is the trigger Jinbei TR-Q6. This is an advanced radio trigger for Jinbei lamps: DM, Spark III, MSN-TTL, MSN III, HD-610/601 and MARS-3 TTL. Depending on the mode of operation and the lamp with which it works, the trigger can control the flash output, pilot light - power, operating mode, switching on and off. In addition, the TR-Q6 trigger also supports TTL, HSS (up to 1 / 8000s), and triggering on the first and second curtain. The trigger also has a built-in Bluetooth module that allows remote control of settings using a smartphone with Android or iPhone. The application for remote control via a smartphone is available free of charge on the manufacturer's website: On iPhones with iOS, search for the JINBEI APP app on the App Store and install it.


Main features:

  • Professional flash with a wide range of power regulation and an efficient cooling system.
  • The TR-Q6 Wireless Trigger Receiver built into the lamp allows for remote operation from the smartphone.
  • Cosistent ecosystem of Jinbei lamps allowing to work with DM, Spark III, MSN-TTL, MSN III, HD-610/601 and MARS-3 TTL lamps.
  • Solid lighting stand with height adjustment range 106 - 250cm.
  • Foldable Beauty Dish with above-average use in the studio.

Kit includes:

  • Jinbei MSN III 800 Studio Flash Lamp
  • 250 cm Light Stand
  • 80 cm Foldable Beauty Dish (white surface)
  • Jinbei TR-Q6 wireless radio trigger

Jinbei MSN III 800Specs:

  • Model: MSN III 800
  • Guide number: 90
  • Flash output adjusting range: 1/1 - 1/256, with step 1/10
  • Recharge time: 0.05 ~ 1.1s
  • Flash modes: M / Easy Cap / Delay
  • Synchro modes: Normal / HSS / Freeze
  • Flash duration time: normal: 1/2200 - 1/8000s; freeze: 1/2200 - 1/19000s
  • Colour temperature: nor. 5500 ± 150K; freeze 5500 ± 800K
  • Modelling lamp: LED 25W
  • Built in receiver 2,4GHz
  • Channels: 00-15; groups: 10 - 0/A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I
  • Synchro socket: mini jack 3,5mm
  • Synchro voltage: 5V DC
  • Power supply: AC 195V~245 V 50/60 Hz
  • Overheat protection: cooling fan / alarm
  • USB socket for firmware update
  • Weight: 3,1 kg 
  • Dimmensions: 375 x 136 x 200 mm


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