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Flash Lamp Kit Jinbei Delicacy DUO I with umbrellas

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Producer: Jinbei

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The kit includes:

  • 2x Jinbei Delicacy II 250
  • 2x Diffusive Umbrella 100 cm
  • 2x 205 cm Light Stand
  • 1x Jinbei TR-A9 Wireless Trigger
  • 2x Jinbei TR-A9 Wireless Receiver

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The Jinbei Delicacy DUO I flash light kit is a basic studio setup with two lamps for beginner photographers trying their skills with flash light. This flash set will allow you to develop your studio work skills in both portrait and product photography. The set of receivers included in the set is compatible with transmitters from the Jinbei TRS-V and TR-V6 systems, thanks to which Jinbei Delicacy DUO I can be treated as a supplement to a large studio.

The key element of the set are two 250 Ws flash lamps - Jinbei Delicacy II 250. The compact size of the lamps will facilitate their use in small home studios or small spaces arranged for the needs of the studio. Delicacy II flash units offer flash regulation in the range of 1/32 - 1/1, as well as a stable flash color temperature of 5500 K in deviations of +/- 200 K. Flash synchronization is possible by means of a built-in photocell and a 3.5 mm synchro socket. The distribution of flash light can be assessed with a 50 W modeling lamp.

jinbei Delicacy DUO I was equipped with two 100 cm diffusion umbrellas. The light passed through this type of diffuser is softened and does not leave sharp shadows. Perfect for portrait and product photography as a cheaper softbox replacement. A definite advantage of umbrellas is their simple installation on the lamp using a dedicated hole for the handle.

The set is completed by two Freepower ST116 light stands with a maximum height of 205 cm. The length of the tripods after folding is only 68 cm. A standard 16 mm diameter pin ended with a 1/4 "thread for fixing lamps and accessories.

Convenient and remote triggering of Delicacy lamps will be possible thanks to the set of Jinbei TR-A9 triggers (transmitter + two receivers). The 16-channel transmitter works in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, and its maximum range is 100 m. The trigger is powered by a CR2032 battery (not included), while the receivers are powered from the mains (connected between the lamp and the power cord).


The kit includes:

  • 2x Jinbei Delicacy II 250
  • 2x Diffusive Umbrella 100 cm
  • 2x 205 cm Light Stand
  • 1x Jinbei TR-A9 Wireless Trigger
  • 2x Jinbei TR-A9 Wireless Receiver
Power output2x 250 Ws
Lamp TypeBłyskowe
Guide number50
Power control1/1 - 1/32
Lamp ModesManualny
Color temperature5500K +/- 200K
Modifiers in setTAK
Type of modifiers2x Parasolka Biała 100 cm
Trigger in setTAK
Trigger comunication modesTR-A9
Radio Frequency2.4 GHz
Light stand in setTAK
Max height of Light Stand205 cm
Light Stand max payload2,5 kg
Bag in setNIE
Power supplySieciowe

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