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De-shadow kit 80cm light tent + 2x100Ws FreePower

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Producer: Freepower

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Namiot 80cm z 4 tłami
2 x Lampa 100Ws
2 x Parasolka srebrna 90 cm

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De-shadow kit
2 x 100 Ws + 2 umbrellas 90cm
+ 2 light stands + light tent

A complete kit for shadowless photography. Perfect with small objects, particularly the shiny ones. Will give the pictures in Your e-store or auctions the professional look!

It only takes a moment to assemble the kit. Storage is also convenient - a shelf in a wardrobe or even a wide drawer will do!

The kit contains:

  • 80cm light tent with 4 backgrounds
  • 2 x 90 cm diameter silver umbrella
  • 2 x light stand of max. 205 cm height
  • 2 x 100Ws studio monolight strobe

The light tent is made of special highly light-diffusing fabric. It is equipped with removable colorful backgrounds.


  • cube shape with one side open
  • 4 backgrounds included: white, black, red and blue, each with two sides - mat and shiny. The backgrounds are equipped with velcro straps to attach them inside the tent
  • front sheet with straps and camera lens gap
  • larger objects can be photographed without attaching the front sheet
  • velcro straps set inside the tent for attaching the backgrounds
  • pictures can be taken from the tent's side or from above
  • easy spreading and folding - sheets are stretched on steel rings
  • storing and carrying case

The CY100MR 100 Ws Studio Monolight Flash, designed for use at home or in a small studio as well as outdoor.

Reliable, easy operating and inexpensive studio monolight flash. The flash power is continuously regulated within 1/8 - 1/1 range. It also comes with a 60 watt removable modeling lamp. The Studio monolight Flash can be triggered through the camera with its included 5 m sync cord, by another flash being fired and activating the built-in Photo-Slave, or through its open-flash test button. The photo-slave has its own on/off button. Built-in umbrella bracket. Recycling time ≤ 4 s.

The Studio monolight Flash can be triggered through the camera with a PC socket or a hot shoe. The second solution requires an appropriate adapter.

The Photo-Slave can trigger the monolight with a built-in camera flash. The pre-flashes should be turned off then and the camera should work in manual mode!

Modeling lamp work modes: off / full power / proportionally with the flash power.

A 5 m long sync cord included.



The light stand has a sectional column. The legs are blocked with a wing screw. On the top there is a universal mount for different kinds of lightning.

  • capacity - about 2,5 kg
  • max height - about 220 cm
  • min length - about 70 cm
  • weight - about 1 kg
The silver umbrella is made of special fabric which diffuses light very well.

Its outer surface is white.

The silver umbrella reflects and diffuses the flash light, evenly illuminating the scene and enhancing the contrast.

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